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The task of choosing a Dedicated Server Provider can often seem daunting, with many providers offering different services at varying price points with diverse specifications. Using the Dedicated Server Directory goes some way to making this task simpler for you. We’ve collected and sorted through hundreds of user reviews and ratings for a wide range of criteria, including Customer Service, Ease of Use, Value for Money and Satisfaction. With the aid of these reviews, we aim to make choosing a Dedicated Server Provider as simple, easy and informative as possible. Below you can find the latest Dedicated Server Reviews to help you compare the best providers in the industry today.


Extremely disappointed with the service provided by Internap. Support tickets were seldom answered in a relatively timely manner and even when they were the actual support was so lacking that network disputes and connection issues were once again SELDOM resolved. Now being told (although stated otherwise in contracts) that a egregious Early Termination Fee would occur. Terrible, absolutely terrible. Nothing good to say about...

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Last reviewed on Friday, 09 Jan 2015


I use online fax from Popfax for my company and i am satisfied with the service. It is very reliable, easy to use, quick and very professional. And recently i installed the mobile scan and fax app on my Android and i was amazed.

Last reviewed on Monday, 29 Dec 2014

Reliable Servers

Horrible deployment time, I purchased Saturday at 10:00 AM still waiting at 6:15PM MONDAY!! When you call in to ask why it isn't deployed yet, they say "Our techs are working on getting your unit responding" Or "I know you don't understand sir, but you need to call another line, or call back tomorrow." What the hell kind of customer service is this?

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Last reviewed on Monday, 22 Dec 2014

Comtel Group

Comtel Group partners with every hosted solution within the telecom industry. They saved me all the time by comparing and contrasting all viable options available within the telecom industry.

Last reviewed on Monday, 08 Dec 2014

Jive Communications

Jive has great customer service! They are quick to resolve issues and the staff is always friendly.

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 21 Oct 2014


The team at CloudVelox is top notch, both as technologists, as well as from a customer service standpoint. We were exceedingly picky about putting production workloads into AWS, but CloudVelox made it easy. The team made sure that security needs and business objectives were both met, and their level of courtesy and expertise were both apparent throughout the engagement. We will use them again.

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 16 Oct 2014

Digiweb Hosting

Their service has gone down hill since they began and now as I post they have reached rock bottom. Any of my websites hosted with them which have a database with them are basically grinding to a halt. Support blames everyone but themselves (when / if they reply at all) and have even changed permissions on files on ALL my sites so I could not login. Their arrogant, condescending tone is extremely distasteful. Its got to...

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 15 Oct 2014

Wolfcraft Hosting

Failed Start UP, Could not import plugins or worlds into the server. Requested a Refund, Never got a refund (server refund request after 1 hour of usage). Thanks guys

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Last reviewed on Monday, 13 Oct 2014

Vision Web Hosting Inc

I can hardly give them 1 star. I have a Website, which requires Tomcat enabled and while it hasn't been enabled for months, they keep billing me and DO NOT REPLY TO EMAILS. Horrible service. I don't know how they stay in business.. Worst rip-off ever

Last reviewed on Monday, 06 Oct 2014


Vineservers is best when it comes to quality, i've been using their dedicated server since last 2 months and gotta say that they're awesome!

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Last reviewed on Monday, 29 Sep 2014

8 to Infinity

On 3 Sep 2014, a deduction for $29.99 was made to my B/A checking account, W/O any doing by myself. I have lived alone for 21 yrs and no one has done this action, for me! I am 82 and need my money!! I have NO reason to continue to have ANY contact with you. PLEASE see that you refund my money. [I assume this was thru PayPal.] Another reason for NOT using them or eBay. Thank you.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 24 Sep 2014


USNX designed the perfect website for me. They created and designed a website that met my individual business needs---and they completed it on time at the price they quoted. These guys deliver professional products and service and are so easy to work with. Thanks, guys, for helping me through every step of the process. I am 100 percent satisfied.

Last reviewed on Thursday, 11 Sep 2014


Well... speaking about the space and money, BizzHost leads them all. Never faced a problem, so can't really say anything about the support. However, they did really help me out when i transferred my site from fatcow to BizzHost.

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 21 Aug 2014

Systron Micronix Corporation

We are using Systron Micronix servers since last 2 years with absolutely no issues with downtime, they also offered us excellent support.

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Last reviewed on Monday, 21 Jul 2014


Very happy with the quick support moving us from another vendor who we felt were over charging us. After using Spambrella now for 4 months we have realised we also get more features and better policies than we had with the previous vendor. We are more secure, have direct focus and support and I got a pat on the back for saving half of the budget! Recommended.

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Last reviewed on Friday, 04 Jul 2014

The Planet Server

The Planet Server has a good up time of any major server provider.I have been hosted on the Planet Server's servers for just under 5 years. During this time I have never had to deal with hardware or software issues. Not once have I had a customer complain about download bandwidth, not once! Prior to The Planet Server I had hosted on an assortment of Dedicated hosts who either had hidden charges or lousy uptime and/or bandwidth.

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Last reviewed on Monday, 30 Jun 2014


On their website they have photos of the beautiful and smiling people but in reality they are grumpy and incompetent. I have very bad user experience with their windows hosting and especially with low level support. I think they are not a truly company but only few of amateurs. I'm not sure how they got the recommendation on the Microsoft site. They are just fake!

Last reviewed on Monday, 23 Jun 2014

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